Monday, 2 August 2010

All change, all change - next stop, my work in the NOISELAB window

 I had just dismantled my graduate show at
the Royal College of Art when I got a call from Vic at, after they visited the show and saw my work.
She asked if I would like to display my work at the Noise Lab, and of course I was delighted to.  Luckily, the work had survived the dismantling of the show ( I was in a bit of a rush!) and with a few tweaks was ready to take up to Manchester.

 The work was a train set model of my Railway Wikiversity masters thesis in Architecture, illustrating how my concept for an informal system of education based on the existing UK railway network
could work.  I had already made a model of Kings Cross St Pancras station in London as the site of the main Wikiversity Campus, and of  Cambridge and Pegswood station as satellite campuses, but I made a model of Manchester Piccadilly station for the NOISELAB installation.  As the railway set is my dad’s Trian set from the 1960s, added to and extended with more modern parts, the set can be quite temperamental!  However, as my dad grew up in Manchester, and had played with the train set here in the 60s, it seemed very fitting to be setting it up in the
NOISELAB window!
 My friend Emily and I drove up to Manchester from London, with the railway set and a set of railway sleepers in the boot (a little too heavy to carry on the train!) and when we arrived in Market Street we were very impressed with the Noise Lab and the size of its windows!  Vic had already printed out my Wikiversity Manifesto (much MUCH larger than I had ever seen it), and we immediately set to work setting up the train set.  Luckily, lovely Leila from Noise was on hand to help us, and after a good few hours (and a few bumps on the head – the existing structures in the window made the set up quite challenging!) we had the WIkiversity train up and running, and the manifesto in place.

I felt very proud to see my work in such a prominent site in Manchester – it’s a really great opportunity to exhibit to a very large audience and to get feedback and share ideas online.  Thanks to
the team for giving me the opportunity, and thanks very much to Emily and Leila for helping me set up the window! is a brilliant idea, and a very valuable platform for young and emerging artists – keep up the good work!

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