Thursday, 26 August 2010

Mind On Fire & 158 take over the NOISELAB

Hello, this is the blog for the 'Hear no Evil, See no Evil' workshops, clubnight, magazine and CD. Yes, all of those things. 'Hear no Evil, See no Evil' (hence forth referred to as HNESNE) is a collaboration between NOISE Festival, Manchester based design group OneFiveEight and Manchester record label Mind on Fire. Funding for this endeavor has come from the Youth in Action programme, from the European Comissions  that has numerous Euros to give away to young people with ideas. More information about how you yourselves can get hold of that money can be found on the Youth in Action website located at:

The idea behind the 'HNESNE' name is that the magazine will be OneFiveEight 'seeing no evil' and the CD will be Mind on Fire 'hearing no evil' (although both groups claim to have tasted evil recently). The magazine will cover the workshops (over Bank Holiday weekend at NOISELAB, Manchester) as well as showcasing some design and writing from various, local undesirables. The CD will feature a who's who of upcoming bands and producers across all genres..."

Joe, Mind On Fire (guest blogger)

Introducing our guest blogger Joe Webster (Mind On Fire) and Stephen Willis (158) to tell you a little more about their NOISELAB project.......

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