Friday, 27 August 2010

screenprinting and Live Art workshops this Sat at NOISELAB

On Saturday come down to NOISELAB and try out all sorts of arts activities with Onefiveeight

11- 8PM - FFFFreee entry!

• Screen printing

Print your own special edition t-shirt for only £5 with 0ne69a.

• Wallet making

Learn how to make a wallet from an old shopping bag or a piece of tarp with Becki.

• Evolution Wall

Each person books a 30min slot on one of 4 boards (2ft x 4ft). We need to encourage people to be confident about evolving the idea they have for the piece. We also need to encourage people not to treat the boards as precious, it would be great if people just ruin what somebody else has just done. This teaches people to be confident with their ideas, no matter what it is.

• The Machine

Starting with a picture of one cog, the machine will grow and grow until it takes over a whole wall! Each person simply draws the next piece of the machine, cuts it out then sticks it on.

• Grid lock

A simple scaling up exercise that everyone can do. Draw a small picture on one of our prepared A6 grids or use one of our images, then learn how to scale this up to A3. Everyone can do this simple exercise and once you know how there is no limit to how big you can produce your ideas.

• Mark making

Learn how to use everyday items to create more interesting drawing tools. Sponges, sticks, potatoes use any thing you like! Once you've made a drawing tool why not use it on the EVOLUTION WALL to add even more personality and individualism to the piece.

Joe Webster, Mind On Fire (NOISE Guest Editor)

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