Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Guest Blogger Joe from Mind on Fire- How did we get the funding for our NOISE Project?

"We found out about the European Commission's, Youth in Action funding from the NOISE Festival newsletter, as I am on the mailing list for loads of the local arts organisations. We expressed our interest and got  assistance from the NOISE Team in building our application and making sure it fitted all the requirements.

Although we have been involved in music and arts projects for a number of years, including some smaller funding applications the process was a little bit daunting at first and there was a lot of work involved so it was great to have some help and guidance from the NOISE Charity.

We came up with the idea because we really wanted to do something in the NOISELAB as we think it’s amazing to have that sort of space for young creatives right in the centre of a city. We had been discussing within Mind on Fire about doing some collaborative workshops for a while, to get more people involved in the collective and aware of what we do so it seemed like the perfect opportunity.

We've also been planning collaborations with onefiveeight for some time after teaming up on a couple of events. Their online magazine had really impressed me personally, and I knew that they were keen on making a physical version which seemed like a logical step and a good opportunity to work together.

Doing this as a joint effort with a CD and magazine outcome, allows us to expose some artists that we maybe wouldn’t have been able to otherwise, by providing artist profiles and
information, and the fact that we don’t have to charge means we can reach a wider audience.

We are all artists and producers ourselves so will no doubt be including some of our own work in the projects, but we are all really excited to see what gets submitted and what gets created at the workshops."

By Guest Editor Joe, from Mind on Fire.

The resulting CD and magazine from the project's August Bank Holiday will be launched at a party at NOISELAB at the end of September....details to be revealed soon.

Friday, 27 August 2010

screenprinting and Live Art workshops this Sat at NOISELAB

On Saturday come down to NOISELAB and try out all sorts of arts activities with Onefiveeight

11- 8PM - FFFFreee entry!

• Screen printing

Print your own special edition t-shirt for only £5 with 0ne69a.

• Wallet making

Learn how to make a wallet from an old shopping bag or a piece of tarp with Becki.

• Evolution Wall

Each person books a 30min slot on one of 4 boards (2ft x 4ft). We need to encourage people to be confident about evolving the idea they have for the piece. We also need to encourage people not to treat the boards as precious, it would be great if people just ruin what somebody else has just done. This teaches people to be confident with their ideas, no matter what it is.

• The Machine

Starting with a picture of one cog, the machine will grow and grow until it takes over a whole wall! Each person simply draws the next piece of the machine, cuts it out then sticks it on.

• Grid lock

A simple scaling up exercise that everyone can do. Draw a small picture on one of our prepared A6 grids or use one of our images, then learn how to scale this up to A3. Everyone can do this simple exercise and once you know how there is no limit to how big you can produce your ideas.

• Mark making

Learn how to use everyday items to create more interesting drawing tools. Sponges, sticks, potatoes use any thing you like! Once you've made a drawing tool why not use it on the EVOLUTION WALL to add even more personality and individualism to the piece.

Joe Webster, Mind On Fire (NOISE Guest Editor)

Thursday, 26 August 2010

Mind On Fire & 158 take over the NOISELAB

Hello, this is the blog for the 'Hear no Evil, See no Evil' workshops, clubnight, magazine and CD. Yes, all of those things. 'Hear no Evil, See no Evil' (hence forth referred to as HNESNE) is a collaboration between NOISE Festival, Manchester based design group OneFiveEight and Manchester record label Mind on Fire. Funding for this endeavor has come from the Youth in Action programme, from the European Comissions  that has numerous Euros to give away to young people with ideas. More information about how you yourselves can get hold of that money can be found on the Youth in Action website located at:

The idea behind the 'HNESNE' name is that the magazine will be OneFiveEight 'seeing no evil' and the CD will be Mind on Fire 'hearing no evil' (although both groups claim to have tasted evil recently). The magazine will cover the workshops (over Bank Holiday weekend at NOISELAB, Manchester) as well as showcasing some design and writing from various, local undesirables. The CD will feature a who's who of upcoming bands and producers across all genres..."

Joe, Mind On Fire (guest blogger)

Introducing our guest blogger Joe Webster (Mind On Fire) and Stephen Willis (158) to tell you a little more about their NOISELAB project.......

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Robots Taking Over the NOISELAB Window - My Installation

"I had been in contact with earlier in the year and was very pleased when Vic from NOISE got in touch with me inviting me to come and create a window installation.

 I had a few ideas floating around and I knew wanted to create something
fresh and original for the window which had paper cut work combined with hand drawn illustration. Material cost limitiations, transportation of the work and time constraints all 
played a part in the way I approached the work.

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Deciding to go with large scale drawings, then cut out into separate components and constructed in situ , I think
was the best way to tackle the space. I then began hanging the components along the windows length at different heights and depths. This transformed the drawing into a 3D object that appears to be standing in the window space.


 I really enjoyed the experience, the opportunity and the freedom given to me by NOISE to create something interesting for their window space. Also massive thanks for their patience and willingness to help when I ran into problems!

Monday, 2 August 2010

All change, all change - next stop, my work in the NOISELAB window

 I had just dismantled my graduate show at
the Royal College of Art when I got a call from Vic at, after they visited the show and saw my work.
She asked if I would like to display my work at the Noise Lab, and of course I was delighted to.  Luckily, the work had survived the dismantling of the show ( I was in a bit of a rush!) and with a few tweaks was ready to take up to Manchester.

 The work was a train set model of my Railway Wikiversity masters thesis in Architecture, illustrating how my concept for an informal system of education based on the existing UK railway network
could work.  I had already made a model of Kings Cross St Pancras station in London as the site of the main Wikiversity Campus, and of  Cambridge and Pegswood station as satellite campuses, but I made a model of Manchester Piccadilly station for the NOISELAB installation.  As the railway set is my dad’s Trian set from the 1960s, added to and extended with more modern parts, the set can be quite temperamental!  However, as my dad grew up in Manchester, and had played with the train set here in the 60s, it seemed very fitting to be setting it up in the
NOISELAB window!
 My friend Emily and I drove up to Manchester from London, with the railway set and a set of railway sleepers in the boot (a little too heavy to carry on the train!) and when we arrived in Market Street we were very impressed with the Noise Lab and the size of its windows!  Vic had already printed out my Wikiversity Manifesto (much MUCH larger than I had ever seen it), and we immediately set to work setting up the train set.  Luckily, lovely Leila from Noise was on hand to help us, and after a good few hours (and a few bumps on the head – the existing structures in the window made the set up quite challenging!) we had the WIkiversity train up and running, and the manifesto in place.

I felt very proud to see my work in such a prominent site in Manchester – it’s a really great opportunity to exhibit to a very large audience and to get feedback and share ideas online.  Thanks to
the team for giving me the opportunity, and thanks very much to Emily and Leila for helping me set up the window! is a brilliant idea, and a very valuable platform for young and emerging artists – keep up the good work!

Friday, 30 July 2010


I am currently looking at Mixed Media Textiles for the body and have recently exhibited my work at New Designers in London, which gave me the chance to meet and present my work to individuals from the working industry. At News Designers I was shortlisted for the 'Business Design Centre New Designer of the Year' award, where I was lucky enough to get to the top four out of all the other graduates showcasing their work.
 While exhibiting down in London, I was fortunate enough to met the people who work for They were really interested in my work and said they would be in touch.


A week after New Designers, I was contacted by the NOISE Charity, and was invited by them to exhibit my work in the window of the NOISELAB based on Manchester High Street. I travelled down to Manchester last week and had a great day helping to set up the window display. I am really excited about the fact that my work is being showcased on this busy high street, something that would not have been possible without
Working with has been a great opportunity and a great way to get my work noticed by the public. After the summer I am moving down to London where I will begin my Masters course at the Royal College of Art studying Mixed Media Textiles for the Body. This opportunity has helped greatly with getting my work out there in the public eye and I am extremely grateful to have had the experience before moving to London.

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Interview: CTRL.ALT.SHIFT COMIC EXHIBITION: 13.05.10 – 16.05.10

Hi everyone. I recently got the chance to see the Ctrl.Alt.Shift Comic Exhibition at the Noise Lab in Manchester. It was there that I met one of the people who works for Ctrl.Alt.Shift; Community Manager Olivia Flint. I got the chance to ask her a few questions about her role in Ctrl.Alt.Shift and amongst other things, the comic exhibition at Noise Lab.

For the benefit of the readers who might not know; just what is Ctrl.Alt.Shift?
Ctrl.Alt.Shift is an experimental initiative politicising a new generation by using popular culture to raise awareness of global issues like poverty, change, corruption, conflict and HIV.

Ctrl.Alt.Shift was set up 2 years ago and I've been working for it since the beginning. We've created dance shows, photography competitions and exhibitions, short films, a website at and now our comic exhibition on the theme of corruption.

What is your job at Ctrl.Alt.Shift?
My job is Community Manager - I help our regional reps and volunteers put on events and exhibitions around the UK. We've been touring the comic exhibition for a couple of months now - it's been in Bristol, Liverpool, Leeds and Nottingham before Manchester, and will be going on to Birmingham, Newcastle and Oxford. I'm also organising football tournaments with Platform2 to raise awareness of the issues affecting people in South Africa like HIV.

What is the theme of this exhibition?
The theme of the comic exhibition is corruption and is something I feel very strongly about. Corruption is a cause of poverty and is also caused by poverty, so there's a vicious cycle happening where people can't get out of poverty because of corruption - in governments, officials and multinational companies. It's not just people in developing countries that are responsible, its companies and individuals in the developed world as well. There can't be corruption without people doing the corrupting!

What advice would you give to people wanting to become involved in Ctrl.Alt.Shift?
If you're interested in getting involved with Ctrl.Alt.Shift, there are loads of ways to do it. Come along to one of our events - (the comic exhibition is happened until Sunday 16th May at Noise Lab in Manchester)  on Saturday 12th June we're hosting a football tournament with overseas volunteer scheme Platform2 ( at Powerleague Manchester which you can come and play at or just watch, plus we'll be showing all the World Cup matches for that day including England v USA. You can also contribute to the Ctrl.Alt.Shift website - - you can write articles, upload photos or videos, rate and comment on content that's already up, take actions on issues that affecting poor people and you can buy our magazine and comic book online as well.

During the exhibitions opening night at Noise Lab on May 13th, a series of films were shown to the general public. You can see the selection of films by clicking the following links.


If you would like to review an event for the NOISELAB blog please contact Victoria,