Friday, 30 July 2010


I am currently looking at Mixed Media Textiles for the body and have recently exhibited my work at New Designers in London, which gave me the chance to meet and present my work to individuals from the working industry. At News Designers I was shortlisted for the 'Business Design Centre New Designer of the Year' award, where I was lucky enough to get to the top four out of all the other graduates showcasing their work.
 While exhibiting down in London, I was fortunate enough to met the people who work for They were really interested in my work and said they would be in touch.


A week after New Designers, I was contacted by the NOISE Charity, and was invited by them to exhibit my work in the window of the NOISELAB based on Manchester High Street. I travelled down to Manchester last week and had a great day helping to set up the window display. I am really excited about the fact that my work is being showcased on this busy high street, something that would not have been possible without
Working with has been a great opportunity and a great way to get my work noticed by the public. After the summer I am moving down to London where I will begin my Masters course at the Royal College of Art studying Mixed Media Textiles for the Body. This opportunity has helped greatly with getting my work out there in the public eye and I am extremely grateful to have had the experience before moving to London.

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