Tuesday, 30 March 2010

NOISE LAB in this week's Look Magazine!


The LAB turned into a bonafide photography studio last week as NOISE Artist Ciara Clarke from BALC Design was given the star studded treatment to model her range of unique jewellery that’s for sale at NOISELAB.

During the 5 hour shoot, and with her very own stylist Ciara showed Look Magazine round the Lab. Ciara, alongside jewellery maker, partner in crime, Hannah created BLAC 3 years ago, and have been getting quite a following ever since!

Hurry to your local newsagents now to pick up a copy of this week’s Look before we and Ciara’s mum snap them all up!

Monday, 22 March 2010

Review: caro snatch -Survive and Thrive while Staying True To Your Creativity

Wednesday 17thth March 2010

Caro Snatch was at NOISELAB Manchester to give the lowdown on her life and career in music. Described as an ‘artist, engineer and facilitator in sound’, you’d be forgiven if you were expecting some Phat stereotypical music producer. Caro though, couldn’t be any further from your average everyday bling wearing music producer. Despite her success, she came across as a warm and genuine person, which is always a bonus when you’re attending an event. Success it seems has not changed Caro Snatch. She’s stayed away from music labels and it seems that she is her very own woman, making the music that she wants to make. She controls and manufactures her own sound, without the interruption of music label executives.
Caro played some of her tracks, including the poignant and ambient song ‘On a Mat a Funk’ and also ‘V to the Dub’; a personal track, following the journey from being a victim to being a warrior.
The new Caro Snatch album, ‘To The No Longer Blinkered’, will be released in September, later this year.

Review by www.NOISEfestival.com/AdamBlaize

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Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Review: Running A Creative Business. Q ‘N’ A with David Vincent (Sankeys, Pacha, Hacienda)

Sunday 7th March 2010
‘You need to fail to succeed’ – David Vincent

David Vincent, the man behind Sankeys, Manchester, was at NOISELABto give an insight into how to run a successful business. The story of a fishmonger turned nightclub entrepreneur sounds like a pitch for a Hollywood film, but it turns out that it wasn’t a fictional story at all. It actually happened. There were so many twists in David’s story. A fishmonger, a young business student and even a tragic incident involving fly tipping. As someone who doesn’t really have a vested interest in dance music and clubbing, I would have found it difficult to not take an interest in David’s story.

 An all round nice guy with a strong passion for his line of work, David provided valuable information on everything from how to run a venue to promotion through to design. He was also on hand to provide answers to people’s questions on business.

 He even kept his cool when someone turned up near the end and began talking on his phone, in the middle of the session. Personally I was amazed at how David kept such a cool head. I guess all those years of running a nightclub have made him an incredibly chilled out person.


Mistress De Funk is guest editor @ NOISE LAB for March

I am pleased to be guest editor at the NOISE LAB for the month of March, so of course, this means March is music month, but with some lovely twists!

I came to work at the NOISE LAB in January, a couple of days a week.  I was taken on as community liaison officer, meaning it was my job to involve the community in what is going on at the LAB.  Each month the LAB has a guest editor.  In January it was Barney, from DOODLEBUG,  and he drafted in artists like Jon Burgerman, and Mark Wigan, so we were privileged to have amazing animators and illustrators creating art all over  the LAB!  In February, we had magazine month, so Super Super and Flux magazine shared the residency and both brought amazing ideas with them.  Lots of photography and style workshops, and even the opportunity to get your work in the magazines. 

So when I was asked to be guest editor for March, I of course jumped straight to music.  I am a full time dj and music producer, and a former radio one presenter, so throughout March expect a really varied and diverse schedule of artists.  From bands, to radio presenters, electronic music production, even a workshop for styling a band.  There will be record labels floating about throughout the month so plenty of opportunity to make contacts and get advice.
You can learn how to successfully promote music events, how to manage yourself as an artist, and also how to set up a record label. 

Keep checking the NOISE LAB website for details www.noiselab.co.uk

Mistress De Funk

Monday, 1 March 2010

Last Day

Well it's all over now. Graham Massey and Owl Project wrapped up the last day. All went very well. Lots of people there. Great atmosphere. Overall we are pleased with the way it all went during the Flux residency at Noiselab. All been worthwhile and we’ve met some good people. Some of whom will no doubt be contributing on the mag in the near future. Thanks too all the came along. And thanks to Mike and all at Noise for helping us out.

Flux Editor