Monday, 22 March 2010

Review: caro snatch -Survive and Thrive while Staying True To Your Creativity

Wednesday 17thth March 2010

Caro Snatch was at NOISELAB Manchester to give the lowdown on her life and career in music. Described as an ‘artist, engineer and facilitator in sound’, you’d be forgiven if you were expecting some Phat stereotypical music producer. Caro though, couldn’t be any further from your average everyday bling wearing music producer. Despite her success, she came across as a warm and genuine person, which is always a bonus when you’re attending an event. Success it seems has not changed Caro Snatch. She’s stayed away from music labels and it seems that she is her very own woman, making the music that she wants to make. She controls and manufactures her own sound, without the interruption of music label executives.
Caro played some of her tracks, including the poignant and ambient song ‘On a Mat a Funk’ and also ‘V to the Dub’; a personal track, following the journey from being a victim to being a warrior.
The new Caro Snatch album, ‘To The No Longer Blinkered’, will be released in September, later this year.

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