Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Review: Running A Creative Business. Q ‘N’ A with David Vincent (Sankeys, Pacha, Hacienda)

Sunday 7th March 2010
‘You need to fail to succeed’ – David Vincent

David Vincent, the man behind Sankeys, Manchester, was at NOISELABto give an insight into how to run a successful business. The story of a fishmonger turned nightclub entrepreneur sounds like a pitch for a Hollywood film, but it turns out that it wasn’t a fictional story at all. It actually happened. There were so many twists in David’s story. A fishmonger, a young business student and even a tragic incident involving fly tipping. As someone who doesn’t really have a vested interest in dance music and clubbing, I would have found it difficult to not take an interest in David’s story.

 An all round nice guy with a strong passion for his line of work, David provided valuable information on everything from how to run a venue to promotion through to design. He was also on hand to provide answers to people’s questions on business.

 He even kept his cool when someone turned up near the end and began talking on his phone, in the middle of the session. Personally I was amazed at how David kept such a cool head. I guess all those years of running a nightclub have made him an incredibly chilled out person.

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