Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Robots Taking Over the NOISELAB Window - My Installation

"I had been in contact with NOISEfestival.com earlier in the year and was very pleased when Vic from NOISE got in touch with me inviting me to come and create a window installation.

 I had a few ideas floating around and I knew NOISEfestival.com wanted to create something
fresh and original for the window which had paper cut work combined with hand drawn illustration. Material cost limitiations, transportation of the work and time constraints all 
played a part in the way I approached the work.

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Deciding to go with large scale drawings, then cut out into separate components and constructed in situ , I think
was the best way to tackle the space. I then began hanging the components along the windows length at different heights and depths. This transformed the drawing into a 3D object that appears to be standing in the window space.


 I really enjoyed the experience, the opportunity and the freedom given to me by NOISE to create something interesting for their window space. Also massive thanks for their patience and willingness to help when I ran into problems!


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