Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Review: Peter Hook @ NOISELAB Feb '10

Let's take it back a few months, to February and as part of Flux Magazine's Guest Residency at NOISELAB - Peter Hook, legendary bassist from iconic bands such as New Order and Joy Division, popped into the Lab for a chat about his colourful career.

"The unique musician gave an unrehearsed and comical interview of how he overcame his struggles in order to pursue a backlog of musical accomplishments.

His down to earth attitude and ‘do it yourself’ morals on career brought inspirational smiles to the room as he advised the audience its experience you need – ‘you need to get out there’.

His wise words shown his ambition to help others more so, up and coming unsigned bands as he gave them advice and opinions on how to make yourself known.

As the interview progressed not only did the audience stay hooked on every word but laughed as he openly reminisced, making the sequence seem like a chat amongst friends.

He shared treasured memories of the ‘old days’ when his career was still finding its feet and how the Sex Pistols were his inspiration.

He gave the impression that it’s not where you’re from, it’s how you promote yourself-

Blog by Breeze Wozencroft

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