Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Review: In the Loop: MC Workshop & How to Sell Yourself

27th March 2010

“Hip-Hop is an indiscriminate lifestyle. It borrows from all areas of life and is about passion for sound and fun. It’s simply evolution of good sound” - MC Philharmonic

In the Loop was at Noiselab Manchester this past Saturday. The collective of musicians, Jamie Defty (mouse outfit), Gumbo and Bedos (MC), play and produce music but they are now giving something back to Manchester by hosting In The Loop; an event that gives people the chance to network and perform with other MC’s.

When asking Bedos about his life in performance, he explained that he had been performing since the age of nine and that he was performing to big crowds by the age of twelve. Originally from France, he now resides in the UK, and brings his own rapping style to the microphone. Rapping in French, his style is cool and reserved. It was very much the same when speaking to him about performers finding their own voice.

“It’s a natural progression. People can feel if you’re genuine” - Bedos

The day seemed to go down well with those in attendance and it was good to be in the attendance of such a positive event. There is a lot happening in Manchester at the minute and it was a good to see people embracing the aspect of performance. They seemed to thrive on the chance that had been given to them.

The event ended with a live performance with MC’s trying out their lyrics and beats on a live audience. Bedos, Envy and Philharmonic were a few of the names of the people who performed on the day.

I even started to write some of my own rhymes, but luckily for those in attendance of the event, I decided not to get on the microphone.

Endorsed by Pragmatism
This is my vision
I wanna talk lyrics
I’m offended by spitting.

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